Wooden Houses Need Electricians With The Highest Safety Ratings

I bet that you did not know that wooden houses need electricians with the highest safety rating. Of course, you didn’t why would you. Well, according to my erstwhile editor it is true and a bonafide Donald Trump fact. You can bet your house on this rock-solid technical piece of information. Why I can hear you asking? Well, wooden houses burn down more easily than brick houses. Faulty electrical wiring can spark a fire and then whoomph. Bye bye wooden house. In actual fact, wooden house electricians must train extra years before they are granted special permits with the highest safety rating.

Legislation and Standards

“These Rules refer to number of instruments, including Codes, Acts and Laws. All references are current at publication in July 2018. These should be used as a reference point, but where a more current instrument exists, it should override the older referenced instrument in this document. The same applies fort Australian Standards.”

New South Wales Standard Electricity Service and Installation Rules

The Domestic Sparkie Will Clean Up After Himself or Herself

My advice is to choose a residential electrician over a commercial one because they are specifically trained to work on residential properties and have that experience up their sleeve. One simple piece of evidence supporting this premise is that the domestic sparkie will more likely clean up after himself or herself (especially herself). A clean electrical contractor is a sure sign of greater levels of responsibility and engagement with the client. We live in a new world and customer service is a big part of that new world in the 21C. Remember that wooden houses need electricians with the highest safety ratings. Plus, people who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

Social Media for Timber Should Never Be Wooden

The social media marketing must reflect the work practices and attitudes of the electrical contractor concerned. No lies should be promulgated in the service of promotion for promotion’s sake. Indeed, the social media marketing of timber should be lively, truthful and never wooden. It is pointless practicing PR if one strays from the bosom of the truth. What use are lies in the hands of a master craftsman? What use is an ambit claim in the mind of a potential client?

We all must obey the rules, especially during this time of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. Adherence to the strict interpretation of all relevant rules will be demanded by all participants at every level.